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The ICRWY Lessons app when paid for in the App Store or Google Play is US$5.50 per MONTH for up to 2 devices.  Cancel at any time. 

You can, instead, choose to download the app

But PAY for it here. 

Use on up to 50 devices AU$195 per YEAR
Use on up to  100 devices AU$295 per YEAR 
Use on up to 200 devices $395 per YEAR
Use on up to 500 devices $695 per YEAR

Simply type the email you want to use for login and we will set it up for you. 

Although we will remind you when it is due to expire this is not automatically renewed. The payment covers a 12 month subscription.  

NB You can choose to split logins between 2 logins - to  have 1 for teachers / school devices, and 1 for parents.  Please ask about this after paying - email us with the email login and split (eg if you pay for 500 devices you might allocate 200 for school devices under 1 email login and 300 for parents to use with one email.)

ICRWY Lessons app for Multi-Users - 12 months


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