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Orthographix: Passionate OrthoExplorers

Ortho-Graphix, with its cutting-edge approach, revolutionises the phoneme-to-grapheme mapping process, integrating the visual impact of Emma Hartnell-Baker's pioneering Orthographic Mapping Tool and IPA-aligned phoneme characters, the Speech Sound Monsters. This methodology enables both children and adults to perceive words as 'pictures of speech sounds', instilling an understanding of the universal code for consistency and igniting a passion for delving into spelling patterns.

Miss Emma 'The Duck Hands Lady' - Ortho-Graphix

Train with Miss Emma and join a growing number of adults mastering the Universal Spelling Code. Develop an in-depth understanding of phoneme-to-grapheme relationships, a skill surprisingly rare among skilled readers. This expertise is crucial for effectively teaching orthographic knowledge to children as they learn to read and spell.

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